R.A.D. Edmonton is a non-profit organization that was established in 2005. Founder Constable Joe Spear, an officer with the Edmonton Police Service, has been a certified R.A.D. instructor since 1998 where he instructed classes predominantly at the University of Alberta. Those classes, however, were held primarily for University Students and Staff. RAD Edmonton was created so we could offer the option of RAD self-defense education to every woman in Edmonton and its' surrounding communities.

As with all RAD programs, graduates of RAD Edmonton classes can utilize the free return and practice policy to attend any public classes hosted by RAD Systems throughout North America. "We encourage all students to return and practice skills learned in our Basic classes", states Spear.

All members of RAD Edmonton, both instructors and administrative staff, volunteer their hours to the organization. In addition to the classes they teach, instructors are required to maintain their certification with RAD Canada (nationally), and RAD Systems (internationally) each year.


To help ensure the safety and security of the participants who choose to participate in RAD Edmonton courses, prior to becoming one of our instructors, all male instructors of RAD Edmonton must be registered and/or working in the law enforcement field here in Alberta. As well, all instructors, both male and female, are subjected to Enhanced Security Clearance checks conducted either by the Edmonton Police Service or the police agency in the jurisdiction of where they live. We take our participant’s safety seriously, and hand pick our instructors to make sure you are getting the best that we can provide.

In addition to the safety measures taken above, all instructors must successfully pass an intensive training certification program before they can become members of our team. We are proud of the instructors who provide you with the training you receive.